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In order to facilitate our customers with an uninterrupted experience on our website we use cookies. Further in this document you’ll get to know what cookies are, how we apply cookies to improve your experience on our website and also the ways in which you can manage cookies.

Tiny text files

When you pay a visit to any website, tiny text files containingdata arestored into the device through which you opened the website. These harmless text files are popularly known as cookies and are used to give you a smooth browsing experience.

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Why do we use cookies?

Cookies help us in modifying your browsing experience on our website by

  • Identifying the users browsing pattern.
  • Recognising the pages visited and accumulating the number of visitors on the Website.
  • Detecting the source which led the user to our webpage.v


Even though cookies enable us to enhance your browsing experiencewe have made them manageable for you. You can toggle the cookies settings on or off by simply selecting the security or privacy settings on your web browser.These settings will let you allow or block cookies from our website and control other cookie settings.

Cookies we use and their purpose

It is essential for you to know about the chief cookies we use on our website and our motto behind their use which is mentioned ahead.

Facebook cookies

These cookies are used for promotional purposes and to advertise our business to a larger number of audiences on Facebook and Instagram. Allowing Facebook cookies on our website empower us to smartly market our products and services to the targeted people.

We have integrated the following Facebook features in our website to help us store and read cookies:

  • Content sharing button on Facebook
  • The thumbs up feature.
  • Extracting user profile images, Facebook posts and other similar data is possible via Facebook Social Graph.

For Facebook's Data Policy Click here. For information about Facebook's cookies Click here.

Facebook Pixel

Facebook offers this amazing feature known as Facebook pixel which is adopted by us to demonstrate to you our targeted marketing commercials by our brands and collaborative promotors. We may utilise the information gathered from Facebook pixelto enhance the efficacy of our website and improve our marketing techniques. However the data extracted iskept unidentified during the process.

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Twitter cookies are generally stored in your device when you create an account or enter the log in details to save you from the hassle of logging in each Keep in mind that Twitter does not pass any of your data to us and restricts us from accessing it.

The following features of Twitter are likely to be unified into our Website to help us read or set cookies on your device.

  • The option to login to Twitter account
  • The retweet option

Click here for Twitter's Privacy Policy


For the purpose of effectively delivering our ideas to you we use Instagram pixels, cookies, local storage and other similar techniques.We embed feeds from Instagram which helps us gain awareness and modify our goods and services.

Cookies may also be used when Instagram requests the advertisers to push ads or services to your device, for further pertaining information please visit

YouTube and Google

The following components of YouTube and Google might be combined with our website for the purpose of reading or placing cookies

  • Accessing YouTube videos through its video player
  • Logging into YouTube user account
  • Google+1 button which enables users to tag items
  • Google login account which is the primary account to interact other web resources.

Click here for Google's Privacy Policy (also applies to YouTube)


For years Pinterest has been helping you share and organise everything and anything on the web. To search for creative beauty tips, aesthetic treatments and accessories it offers you the pinboards.

To read and understand the Pinterest privacy policy please visit

Google Analytics

Google Analytics cookies help us to identify our weaknessesand toaccumulate the number of visitors on our web site. A number of Google Analytics cookies are used by us regularly.

For better understanding of the Google Analytics cookies usage please click here.

Google AdWords

The Google AdWords cookies help us to make the most ofour paid for links on Google search results, maximising our chances to grow. To get detailed information about cookies used by Google, products click here.


To enhance our website performance we are likely to incorporate features from third party websites to our website.These features are utilised to read or place cookies from third party websites, chiefly social media platforms.

To give you a customised experience these cookies are likely to allow targeted/individual promotions. Please note that being the operatives, we don’t have any authority over the data extracted by those cookies.The use of cookies is subjected to user consent. For further assistance the list of affiliated social network cookies is provided, feel free to refer to it.


We encourage you to read our code of privacy for better understanding about your data consumption. You are welcomed to put forward your queries about our policies or data handling procedures at

You can also write to us or pay us a visit at :

Data Protection Officer
8-10 Harley Street, London W1G 9PF,
United Kingdom


We use cookies to give you the most relevant experience, Cookie Policy.

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