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Privacy Policy

The following code of privacy regulatesthe collection, use, record and disclosure of individual information gathered by CosmeDocs from each of its user at website. The website along with all goods and off-sale services is obliged to this code of privacy.

Data collection and usage

Your private information reaches us through the following sources:

  • Connecting with us through phone, SMS, email or any other means of communication.
  • Customer inquiries
  • Taking a consultants appointment
  • ur Staff appointments
  • Filling the online surveys and/or forms available in the clinic
  • Email/newsletter subscriptions
  • Filling the contact us forms
  • Downloading online magazines
  • Through referrals
  • Requesting a call back from the clinic
  • Filling job applications at CosmeDocs career opportunities
  • Billing methods
  • Demanding a repayment
  • Third party information sharing such as Facebook, twitterlog in permissions
  • Customer feedback/ratings
  • Through the emails we send to you
  • Social media interaction

The purpose of collecting your private information

Your private data is collected to keep you updated about our products and services and also to take your feedback which helps us to improve our customer service.

How does collecting your private information benefit us?

The data collected from our users is utilised in the following manner:

  • To improve the quality of our products and services.
  • It makes us easy to interact with you on time, clarify your confusions and provide you with the best assistance.
  • To maintain the quality of our services.
  • The information is processed and analysed to provide you with the world class service.
  • Maintaining a record helps us to stay updated about our customer history.
  • To make sure you don’t miss out any of our amazing offers.
  • Clearing payments and processing refund claims
  • Nudge you about your upcoming appointment with our consultants.
  • To assist you with your queries or concerns regarding our services.
  • To be able to update you with our current products and services via alternative sources. For example if you change your number we can reach you via email or Facebook.


CosmeDocs is a reputable name and has thousands of satisfied customers. Our customers are our family and therefore we ensurethe protection of your private Information. Your data is safe in our hands and we strongly condemn exposure/ selling of any medical history or other private information to other parties.

Although it is necessary for you to understand that we might share some of your data with our trusted business partners for commercial purposes. General information such as phone numbers, email etc. is likely to be passed on to our collaborative partners for productive use. All our business partners are reliable companies with good reputation in the market and will keep your information confidential.

These are the third party organisations which are likely to receive your minor information:

  • If you accept cookies while visiting our websites then social media platforms like Facebook, twitter and similar ones can access your information.
  • Our data analysis team which helps us to understand you better.
  • Companies responsible for prompt and efficient connection between us.
  • The technical team that manages and runs our website.


  • Only relevant and limited data is exchanged for the service required from the third part.
  • The Use of your personal information is specified in the contract. Any misuse of data or data utilised against the contract is regarded as data violation and is a crime.


We may collectdata such as browser name, IP (INTERNET PROTOCOL) address, name of device used and other technical statistics when a user visits our website. We may also utilise this information to find your INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER and operating system. This information is confidential and is safely maintained in our records.


This platform uses cookies to track your data and activities on our site.However the use of cookies is granted or denied by the user when a pop-up occurs on the homepage.

Blocking the use of cookies may interrupt some of the services offered by our website as cookies are essential to identify some unique information.


We understand that your private information is highly confidential and therefore we reserve you all the rights for your data protection in the following manner:

  • The right to Amend/update the information: if you find any of your information incorrectly recorded you have the right to correct us.
  • The right to access your personal data: you have all the rights to access your personal data in our records anytime anywhere.
  • The right of Withdrawal of consent: your data is only retained in ourrecordstill you allow and upon your request we are liable to remove it from our records.
  • The right of restricting data usage: if you are troubled by our direct marketing plans you can requestus to restrict your data and we’ll abide by it.


We are liable to comply to your requests unless we have a strong/legal reason to refuse your request.


You have the option to stop receiving our promotional messages if they are really bothering you. The following information might be helpful for the purpose:

  • Click the unsubscribe button: in the end of all of our promotional emails you have the option to unsubscribe to them by simply clicking on the 'unsubscribe' button.
  • Ask to cease the subscription: write to us regarding your request to unsubscribe from our promotional messages and we’ll get back in no time.

Immediate action is taken upon users request, however please bear with us if a technical error occurs and you still receive the promotional messages after your request in the repair time.

In case you miss our messages and plan to subscribe again, feel free to call our customer helpline and we’ll be honoured to send you a subscription e-mail.


Unsubscribing from our promotional messages will not restrict us from messaging your regarding your appointment, payments, medical consultation or other relevant updates. However you’ll not receive any offers from us.


We respect the privacy of everyone including children and anyone under 16 years is a child for us and we don’t deliberately collect personal information from them. However if you are a parent/guardian and you observe that your child has submitted their private information to us please feel free to help us remove it. Upon detecting any information collected from a child we immediately delete it from our records.


Please note that Cosmedocs may make changes to this privacy policy from time to time without any prior notice. It is your responsibility to keep visiting this pageperiodically to stay up-to-date about all the alterations made in this policy.

Any change made to this privacy policy is entirely subjected to Cosmedocs discretion.


Please note that you have to agree with all our terms and conditions and abide to our code of privacy in order to use our services (“SITE”). Unfortunately if you don’t agree to our terms or have any differences please refrain from using our site, However if you are still observed using the site it will be regarded as your agreement with our policies.

Contacting us

We love to hear from you! If you have any confusions or concerns regarding our privacy policy or terms of use or any other relevant query please feel free to reach out to us at:

10 Harley Street London, W1G9PF United Kingdom


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