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What is meant by EMSculpt ?

EMSculpt is actually an innovative device approved by the FDA for burning body fats and building muscles. It is the only advanced technology in the world, currently, that provides burn body fats without pain, any complications, and downtime. It is now also proved to enhance the muscle fibres while toning and sculpting your muscles.

EMSculpt is a non-invasive treatment to burn fats which is pain-free and does not have any downtime. The results of this revolutionary treatment are supported through thirteen clinical research studies which prove its efficacy and positive outcomes.

Reasons to Choose EMSculpt

EMSculpt offers the quickest, highly effective and easy way to remove extra body fats, build and tone muscles. It is an ideal treatment for patients looking for a non-invasive and quick way to tone and sculpt their body.

When you take EMSculpt treatment, your body fat is burnt without intense workouts. It also tones your muscles to give you sculpted body shape. You only need a few sessions of this revolutionary treatment to get rid of your extra fats and bring your body in shape. It is like you have performed about 20,000 sit-ups or squats in a 30 minutes EMSculpt session.

Build Muscle & Burn Fat

Non-Invasive Buttock Lifting

Tested By Professionals

No Surgery & No Anesthesia

There is no need to change your diet or exercising routine to obtain the desired results from the treatment. You may need just two sessions during a week for two weeks, and you have a fantastic body that you would love to expose.

Features That You Would
Love About EMSculpt

According to the results of the five research studies performed to prove the efficacy of EMSculpt treatment, it succeeded in delivering consistent and effective outcomes in the following areas:

  • On average, 19% reduction in the abdominal subcutaneous fat
  • 16% average improvement in the mass of muscles
  • 0.44 cm average decrease in the layer of abdominal subcutaneous fat thickness
  • 4.4 cm average decrease in the size of the waist
  • 91% satisfaction rate with the outcomes of the treatment

How does
EMSCULPT treatment work?

EMSculpt is a unique device which utilizes HIFEM (High Intensity, Focused Electro Magnetic) energy which develops 'supramaximal' muscles contractions. The contractions of muscles are accelerated by using different patterns of muscle contractions during the treatment procedure. This muscles stimulation is highly intense much more than what you get at the gym while performing an intense workout. At the gym, you only get strength training from the personal trainer while EMSculpt burns your fat and build muscles side by side.

In a single session of EMSculpt treatment, your body responds similarly as you have performed nearly 20,000 sit-ups or squats in just 30 minutes which is obviously not possible to achieve through regular exercise. The resulting contractions in your body muscles not only enhance your fat burning metabolism rate but also destroy fat cells, a process called lipolysis. It also builds your muscles with improved tone and strength.

EMSculpt treatment is highly effective in burning fats and sculpting the muscles of your abdomen and buttock areas. It does not cause any pain, sweating and has no downtime.

Patient Satisfaction Rate
with EMSculpt treatment

The participants of EMSculpt clinical research studies reported a high rate of satisfaction with the outcomes of the procedure as follows:

  • 95.4% of participants who received EMSculpt treatment reported complete satisfaction with treatment outcomes.
  • 85% of participants said that their muscular tone and buttocks shape improved significantly.

Commonly Treated
Areas with EMSculpt

Currently, EMSculpt treatment carries an FDA approval for:

  • Toning and strengthening of abdominal muscles
  • Strengthening and toning of buttocks
  • CE marked medically for fat disruption
  • Treatment of arms, calves and thighs (from onwards September 2019)
  • Treatment of other body areas is expected to start in the later part of the year

The research studies are underway to develop the treatment protocols and efficacy of EMSculpt treatment to tone and sculpt other areas of the body. So you can expect an addition to this list soon.

Treatment Procedure of EMSculptat

Before the treatment, you do not need to do any special preparations. You can consider it only rigorous and intense strength training day at the gym. Do not take a full and heavy meal before the treatment as strong muscles contractions take place during the procedure. Also, empty your bladder before the procedure.

The procedure of EMSculpt is simple, easy and quick. By using a powerful HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electro Magnetic) energy radiating device on the target area, supraphysiologic contractions of muscles are produced which destroys your fat cells or induce lipolysis.

The treatment does not cause any pain or discomfort. The patients only experience intense and frequent muscle contractions in the treatment area. Patients with thin bodies are likely to feel more intense contractions of muscles, so lower EMSculpt energy levels are used during the procedure.

During the procedure, many patients report to experience tingling sensations which is normal, and they may instinctively laugh or smile in the starting few minutes. After the passage of a few minutes, the body adapts itself to the pulsing muscle contractions which are easily tolerable and free of pain.

Duration and Recovery Period

A single EMSculpt session takes about 30 Minutes to complete. The clinical research studies were performed in four treatment series with two treatments in a week for consecutive two weeks.

There is no downtime of the treatments for most of the patients. They can continue with their daily tasks instantly after taking the treatment.

In the treated areas, the patient might feel mild soreness. It is almost similar to the feeling which is experienced following a rigorous gym exercise. These feelings may take about one or two days to fade away.

After the Treatment

Following the treatment, the patient might feel fatigued in the treated area which takes a few days to subside. However, the patient can continue to perform routine activities following the treatment. The patient need not follow any special care instructions but similar to the ones suggested following the rigorous and intense strength training and exercises.

To achieve the desired treatment outcomes, the patient is required to take four EMSculpt treatment sessions. The patient satisfaction rate with the treatment is quite high as it is considered a highly effective fat burning treatment. However, it is essential that the patient take healthy diet and adopt an active lifestyle to maintain the treatment results.

Before And After Treatment Pictures

To have a better understanding of the results of EMSculpt treatment and how it affects the body, take a look at our before and after the treatment section.

Price of EMSculpt treatment

The single EMSculpt session costs around £750, and you need to take a treatment course to achieve desired results.

Why Choose CosmeDocs Clinics for EMSculpt treatment?

CosmeDocs is a leading and reputed aesthetic clinics chain that has always introduced innovative and groundbreaking cosmetic treatments ahead of its competitors.

We have a team of professional, trained and highly experienced aesthetic practitioners and surgeons who keep on updating their knowledge and expertise to provide you with the most advanced non-surgical aesthetic treatments from the world of aesthetic medicine. We ensure to offer only well-researched, proven, effective and safe cosmetic procedures.

For EMSculpt treatment, we have trained and experienced cosmetic practitioners who have extensive experience in performing this advanced fat burning treatment. Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art EMSculpt technology to provide our patients with safe and optimal results.


What our real patients say about the treatment

Know about the experienced of our actual patients with EMSculpt fat burn and muscle toning treatment and how it impacted their confidence and sense of well-being.


As reported by the clinical research studies conducted on EMSculpt treatment, patients nearly lost an average of 20% of their body fat, and their waistline reduced almost 1.5 inches on average following the procedure.

According to the EMSculpt clinical research studies, patients experienced 16% improvement in their muscle mass after four EMSculpt treatment sessions.

You do not need to make any special preparations. However, you only need to make your body ready as you do for performing any intense and rigorous strength training exercises at the gym. Do not take the full or heavy meal as well as empty the bladder before the treatment session.

A single EMSculpt treatment session takes nearly 30 minutes on average.

Your treated area may feel mild soreness similar to what to experience following an intense workout or strength training. This condition eliminates in a few days.

For some patients, the results are visible the very next day after the treatment in the form of improvement in abs and muscle tone. For others, it may take 2-3 treatment sessions to exhibit the results. However, full results can be seen after about two months following the full treatment sessions as observed in EMSculpt clinical studies.

Yes, absolutely. It is a safe FDA approved treatment. You can be sure of its safety and efficacy when the procedure is performed by our trained and highly experienced cosmetic practitioners.

  • Overweight or obese patients are not good candidates for EMSculpt treatment because the penetration power of HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electro Magnetic) energy is up to 7 cm inside the body. This means that people who have a thicker layer of fat in their body may not be able to experience any significant muscle contractions which give them low results.
  • Pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers
  • Women whose menstruation date is near as EMSculpt treatment may worsen their menstruations related cramps
  • Patients who have some kind of metal or electronic implants present in the treatment area or Implanted neurostimulators or Cardiac pacemakers or Implanted defibrillators
  • People suffering from any Malignant tumour
  • Hemorrhagic conditions
  • Epilepsy
  • People who have recently undergone Surgery

Yes, the EMsculpt treatment can be taken in combination with some other non-surgical fat reduction or body reshaping procedures like Vanquish, Cool sculpting etc. These treatments help to reduce fat and improve body shape. Other treatments like Sculptra or Ultherapy can also be taken in combination with EMSculpt for lift and shape buttocks.

In EMSculpt treatment, the fat cells are permanently destroyed through lipolysis. However, if you gain weight later on, it may re-grow fat cells eliminating the results of treatment. The muscles mass improvement is not permanent. It lasts for about six months or maybe more. You can take periodic EMSculpt treatments to maintain your muscle mass, body tone and shape.

Yes, it is possible to maintain the effects of EMSculpt treatment for a long time with a healthy diet, regular exercise and adopting an active lifestyle.


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