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Skin Tags Causes and Removal Treatments

Skin tags are also referred to as acrochordon, cutaneous tag, fibroepithelial polyp, cutaneous papilloma, fibroma pendulum, fibroma molluscum, papilloma colli and soft fibroma. It is little tag of skin which may possess a stalk (peduncle). These appear on the skin as tiny hanging pieces of skin.

Skin tags are usually composed of the nerve cells, fat cells, core of fibres or ducts and of a skin covering or epidermis layer. According to the report of NIH ( National Institute of Health )USA, almost 46% of the people develop skin tags.

Skin tags can occur on any body part or surface of the skin but usually they appear in areas where skin rubs frequently against skin like;

  • Eyelids
  • Axillae (armpits)
  • Under the breasts
  • Groin
  • Upper chest
  • Neck.

Skin tags do not pose any harm or danger. They are the benign, non-cancerous outgrowths of skin which do not have any symptoms unless they are rubbed or scratched repeatedly as it may occur due to clothing, shaving or wearing jewellery. If skin tags are large, they may even burst due to pressure.

Appearance of Skin Tags

Some people may develop skin tags and they may have fallen off or rubbed off without any pain and they may not even notice them. However in majority of the cases, they do not fall.

The skin tag may have a smooth or irregular surface and are usually raised off from the skin’s surface having fleshy stalks (peduncles). They normally have colour of our flesh or may be slightly brownish in colour. At initial stage, they are very small and flattened like pinhead. The diameter of skin tags may range from 2mm to 1 cm and some may even reach the size of 5cm.

As the skin tags appear most commonly in the creases and folds of skin, so they may be caused due to the frequent rubbing of skin against skin.

Causes of skin tags

The skin tags are a very commonly seen and normally appear after the midlife. The cause of the skin tags formation is said to be bunches of collagen and blood vessels that are trapped within the thicker skin bits.

Skin tags are most commonly observed in;

  • Overweight and obese people possibly because they possess more skin folds and creases due to fatty deposits.
  • Pregnant women possibly due to hormonal changes
  • People suffering from diabetes
  • People having the human papilloma virus (low-risk HPV 6 and 11)
  • People using illegal steroids that interferes with the muscles in the body which cause the bonding of collagen fibres, leading to the formation of skin tags.
  • People having genetic traces of skin tags development.

Though skin tags are harmless and quite common, they may still be a cause of irritation and discomfort while giving an unpleasant look to the area where they appear especially on eyelids or in the neck area. They may cause bleeding during shaving.

As skin tags are usually harmful they can be left untreated and they normally vanish with the passage of time. Most of people go for skin tag removal treatment for aesthetic reasons as they give an unpleasant appearance to the body area where they occur.

There are numerous skin tag removal remedies available which can give a quick and effective relief from skin tags. The treatments for the skin tag removal generally involve the physical removal of the fleshy outgrowth.

Different skin tag removal treatments include the following;

  • Cryotherapy: in this skin tag removal treatment a liquid nitrogen probe is used which freeze off the skin tags.
  • Ligation: The stalk of the skin tag is fastened which stops the blood supply to the tag.
  • Excision: scalpel is used for the skin tag removal.

CosmeDocs provide safe and effective skin tag removal treatment through Cryotherapy Pen. It is a highly effective and safe procedure for skin tag removal used for small as well as large skin tags. This skin tag removal treatment can only be performed by a professional cosmetic practitioner in a clinic.

Cryotherapy Treatment Procedure

The Cryotherapy skin tag removal treatment makes use of a cold temperature probe or pen that is applied over the skin tags. The brief cycles of freezing and liquefying are repeated which stop the blood supply to the skin tags. If the skin tags have grown on the eyelids or around the eye area, it is recommended to consult a professional ophthalmologist or eye specialist for it.

Cryotherapy is a minimally invasive skin tag removal treatment that makes use of extremely cold liquid nitrogen that destroys the tissues through repeated freezing and thawing. This technique is also used for various other dermatological conditions including warts, skin tags, skin tumors and sunspots.


This skin tag removal has no downtime. After the treatment the skin tags are tied off which cause it to fall off after sometime.

Possible Side Effects

This skin tag removal has no downtime. After the treatment the skin tags are tied off which cause it to fall off after sometime.


The price of skin tag removal treatment depends on the number of skin tags to be treated and area of treatment. You will be communicated the cost of treatment in the initial consultation session. You can also check our price tab or can contact us directly for further information.

The before and after pictures of patients show how the skin tag removal treatment help the patients to get rid of the unwanted and unpleasant skin tags. You can see in the after pictures that the skin is clear and there are no signs of skin tags left after the skin tag removal treatment.

Crytherapy is a treatment technique which makes use of extremely liquefied nitrogen applied to the skin tag through an instrument which freeze and destroy the abnormal growth of skin cells. It is also known as cryosurgery.

In addition to skin tag removal, this treatment technique can be used for destroying other kinds of benign skin growth such as warts, age spots, sun spots, skin lesions.

The Cryotherapy treatment makes use of extremely cold liquefied nitrogen for destroying the outgrowth of skin cells by repeated freezing and thawing. This results in ice formation inside the cells leading to shrinking, swelling and bursting of cells. It also stops the blood supply to the skin tags. After the destruction of these cell outgrowths, our natural immune system clears the dead skin cells while promoting the new cell growth and repair.

Nitrogen can be delivered more accurately through a use of CryoPen as compared to Cryotherapy spray using canister. Through Cryopen targeted freezing can be delivered to the specific areas. It causes minimal discomfort to the surrounding healthy skin. It also requires less administration and healing time compared to other types of treatments.

Anaesthesia is not required for the small skin tags. However, in case of large skin tags local anaesthesia may be used to avoid slight burning sensation. The treatment takes only few minutes and there is very little discomfort which is bearable.

After this skin tag removal treatment, the colour of the skin tag will change and will fall off in few days. There may be a slight change in the colour of surrounding skin but this is normal and will improve in few weeks.

It is performed by only professional and qualified doctors. Before administering this skin tag removal treatment, a thorough skin examination and analysis is conducted to recommend the best treatment option for your skin type. After this a doctor will make use of the CryoPen to perform this skin tag removal treatment which usually takes just few minutes.


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