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Aesthetic Medical Training Courses

Aesthetic Medicine Training Courses

At the Harley Street Institute, we offer wide range of aesthetic training courses. We have custom-designed these courses to provide you with the highest quality of education about different areas of aesthetic medicine. We prepare the practitioners and physicians to integrate these cosmetic treatments to their existing clinical practice with confidence. .

Courses currently offered at the Harley Street Institute

Chin and jaw Masterclass

This course is exclusively designed for the experienced practitioners to train them to create aesthetically appealing, pronounced and contoured chins using dermal fillers and reduce size of masseter muscle.

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Nose Masterclass

This course teaches how to correct minor nasal irregularities as well as asymmetries, improve nose bridges and small sized noses through the use of advanced dermal fillers.

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PDO Thread Training

The PDO threadLift training equip the practitioners to effectively use PDO threads for lifting sagging facial skin and stimulate synthesis of collagen in the long-run.

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Foundation Botox and Dermal fillers

This is a course designed for practitioners who are starting off with the botox and dermal fillers. It covers the basic injection techniques and areas of concern for the daily clinical practice.

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Skin peel and cosmeceuticals

Once you have mastered the basics, take this course to enhance and advance your aesthetic practice with latest skin and facial rejuvenation skills.

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Lip Masterclass

This course focuses on non-surgical lip enhancement with fillers. It trains you to enhance the lips volume, reduce peri-oral lines and asymmetry as well as create stunning pout with vermillion border enhancement.

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Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine

At Harley Street Institute, we proudly announces the first ever fellowship program in aesthetic medicine which provides highly motivated practitioners with a comprehensive training on-site.

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